Exam Preparation

Crash Course Exam Preparation

Need a little extra confidence to get yourself into the exam room? Maybe the mock exams didn’t go as expected? This is my 4-hour crash course with an examiner’s eye to help you boost those final marks on the exam day. 4 hours £120.

Let me know in advance

As this is your chance to target the areas you need to improve, send me an email in advance letting me know where your focus needs to be.

Service Features

Extended answers

To bullet point or not to bullet point?

How do you set out an answer for a question worth 6 marks.?

What exactly do they mean when they say correct English and grammar?

Fine details

You can pick up marks in the most obvious places.

So obvious you often don’t get them!

Quiz Time

Nothing helps you learn faster than an exercise in rapid recall.

Quick fire quizzing to sharpen your knowledge.

Past papers

Have a look through some past papers with the eye of an examiner.

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