OK. So being a Physicist isn’t all about forces and radio waves.

Some Physicists like to have a bit of fun with their understanding of how the universe works.

So. Probably not a question you’ve thought about before: what would happen if planet Earth were replaced by an equal volume of blueberries?

Anders Sandberg from the University of Oxford has answered this for all of us.

Sandberg, who works at something called the Future of Humanity Institute, was inspired to carry out the work after a user posted the question on the Physics Stack Exchange website.

Using the density and compressive strength of blueberries, Sandberg found that a “blueberry Earth” would turn into a “roaring ocean of boiling jam” with an ice-like core much like a “warm granita” — (an Italian semi-frozen dessert made from flavoured sugar and water). 

Is there a chance that a blueberry Earth could be somewhere in the universe? “I would be pretty shocked to find a blueberry Earth,” Sandberg told Physics World. “But a super-light ocean world? Maybe.”

Sandberg says that he may study the physics of another “crazy world”, but adds that he suspects that other fruit planets would end up being similar. “There is likely some kind of ‘fruit main sequence’ that is paramaterised by the water/solid content or maybe also the density and air content,” he notes.

So there you go.


Taken from: https://physicsworld.com/a/the-10-quirkiest-physics-stories-of-2018/

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