January 2020. What could you be doing right now?

Now is a great time to look back at your notes. Not for revision, but to get ready for revision.

Christmas is long gone, the tree packed away. Take a moment and ask yourself: where will you be in December 2020? College? Starting an apprenticeship? Do you see yourself with those top GCSE Science grades you long for?

January 2020 is already half done and maybe your exams still feel a long way off? So what can you be doing right now to prepare for your exams?



It doesn’t matter if you have an exercise book or a ring binder with loose pages, go through the following steps:

1: Do you have a list of topics for your subject at the front of your notes?

2: Do you know which topics you have already covered, and which are yet to cover? Check this out.

3: You can now see if you have any gaps in your notes. If you have gaps, ask your teacher to help you fill them or contact me.

4: Are all of your worksheets stuck in and in the correct place?

5: Do you have any homework that has not been checked by your teacher? If so, ask your teacher or contact me.

6: Are there any topics that you look at and think “I need further help here?” If so, ask your teacher or contact me.


You might feel that your exams are still a long way off but soon you will be preparing to review and revise your whole 2 year GCSE course. If your notes are in order, this will be so much easier.



January 2020 will determine where you are in December 2020.

If your notes are good, then you will find revision easier when the time comes, which will be in a few weeks or so.


Keep learning!

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